Wearable Light Slogan in LED Flashlight Dispute

Zen Design Group, Ltd. adv. The Cincinnati Ins. Co., 329 F.3d 546 (6th Cir. (Mich) 2003) (Slogan "Wearable Light") (The court found the slogan "The Wearable Light" fell within the policy's coverage for "infringement of slogan." Zen's competitor, ASP, specifically alleged that Zen's use of advertisements and packaging utilizing and bearing ASP's WEARABLE LIGHT trademark in connection with the sale of handheld LED flashlights without ASP's authorization or consent impacted ASP's reputation and its trademark and trade dress rights. Since "The Wearable Light" was a form of LED flashlight within the "SAPPHIRE" line of flashlights, as depicted on the advertisement in issue, a defense was triggered.)