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Gauntlett & Associates

is a unique law firm with a dynamic global practice focused upon representing Fortune 1000 companies as well as smaller corporate policyholders in counseling, litigation and expert witness services for insurance coverage for intellectual property, antitrust / unfair competition / business litigation claims as well as employment liability. It also represents clients in business/ intellectual property litigation where its referral source does not seek to do that work.

G&A continues to successfully resolve coverage disputes securing defense and settlement reimbursement funding from insurers for a number of clients throughout the United States including defendants located in Florida, New York, Colorado, Washington, California, Kansas, and Texas.

October 9, 2013
Gauntlett & Associates Procures Defense Coverage for Pirate Joe's...  more>

November 5, 2012
Ninth Circuit Affirms Ruling Concluding That Implicit Disparagement Arises Despite Absence of Expres...  more>

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November 20, 2012
Federal Bar Association 2012 Annual Meeting - San Diego, CA - November 10, 2012...  more>

September 11, 2012
IPO Annual Conference – San Antonio, TX - September 9-11, 2012...  more>

August 02, 2012
ABA 2012 Annual Meeting - Chicago, Illinois - Aug 2-7 2012...  more>

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