alaska Choice of Forum

Choice of Law Admission of Extrinsic Evidence Insurer Allocation Pre-Tender FeesStatute of Limitations
Most significant relationship testFacts known or available to the insurerIf one claim is potentially covered, must defend entire suitNot addressed4 years
Wear v. Farmers & Merchants Bank of Las Cruces, 605 P.2d 27, 31 (Alaska 1990)Great Divide Ins. Co. v. Carpenter ex rel. Reed, 79 P.3d 599, 607 (Alaska 2003)
Nat’l Indem. Co. v. Flesher v. Sterneman, , 469 P.2d 360, 367 (Alaska 1970) (“The basic promise would support the insured's reasonable expectation that he had bought the rendition of legal services to defend against a suit for bodily injury which alleged he had caused it, negligently, non-intentionally, intentionally or in any other matter.”).
Sauer v. Home Indem. Co., 841 P.2d 176, 180 (Alaska 1992)(45.02.725, U.C.C. § 2-725)
Prejudgment InterestLate Notice Public Policy BarIndependent CounselAtty's Fees/Decl. Relif Action
3% above primeNotice-prejudiceBar to defense/ indemnityMay choose own counselRecoverable
(§ 9.30.070)Tush v. Pharr, 68 P.3d 1239, 1250-51 (Alaska 2003)Kim v. National Indem. Co., 6 P.3d 264, 267 (Alaska 2000)Alaska Stat. Ann. § 21.96.100
Great Divide Ins. Co. v. Carpenter ex rel. Reed, 79 P.3d 599, 604 (Alaska 2003)
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