ARKANSAS Choice of Forum

Choice of Law Admission of Extrinsic Evidence Insurer Allocation Pre-Tender FeesStatute of Limitations
Most significant relationship testFacts set forth in the pleadings aloneNot AddressedNot Addressed5 years
Ducharme v. Ducharme, 872 S.W.2d 392, 394 (Ark. 1994)Murphy Oil USA, Inc. v. Unigard Security Ins. Co., 61 S.W.3d 807, 812-13 (Ark. 2001)(A.C.A. § 16-56-111)
Pre-Judgment Interest Late Notice Public Policy Bar Independent CounselAtty's Fees/Decl. Relief Action
10%“No prejudice” exceptionNot a bar for unintended results of intentional actsMay choose own counselRecoverable
(A.C.A. § 16-65-114)Campell & Co. v. Utica Mut. Ins. Co., 820 S.W.2d 284 (Ark. Ct. App. 1991)
AIG Centennial Ins. Co. v. Fraley-Landers, 450 F.3d 761, 767 (8th Cir. (Ark.) 2006)
Talley v. MFA Mut. Ins. Co., 273 Ark. 269, 274 (1981)Union Ins. Co. v. Knife Co., Inc., 902 F. Supp. 877, 881, 882 (W.D. Ark. 1995)Hicks v. Allstate Ins. Co., 799 S.W.2d 809, 811 (Ark. 1990)