Choice of Law Admission of Extrinsic Evidence Insurer Allocation Pre-Tender FeesStatute of Limitations
Most significant relationship testFacts available to the insurerIf one claim is potentially covered, must defend entire suitNot recoverable6 years
Roxas v. Marcos, 89 Haw. 91, 117 (1998)Dairy Road Partners v. Island Ins. Co., Ltd., 992 P.2d 93, 109 (Haw. 2000)First Ins. Co. v. Hawaii, 665 P.2d 648, 652 (Haw. 1983)Great Am. Ins. Co. v. Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co., 876 P.2d 1314, 1320 (Haw. 1994)(HRS § 577A)
Pre-Judgment Interest Late Notice Public Policy Bar Independent CounselAtty's Fees/Decl. Relief Action
10%Notice-prejudiceBar to indemnityMay choose own counselRecoverable
(HRS § 478-3)Standard Oil Co. of Cal. v. Hawaiian Ins. & Guar. Co., Ltd., 654 P.2d 1345, 1348 (Haw. 1982)Allstate Ins. Co. v. Kim, 121 F. Supp. 2d 1301, 1306 (D. Haw. 2000)AIG Hawaii Ins. Co., Inc. v. Smith, 891 P.2d 261, 266, 267 (Haw. 1995); but see, Finley v. Home Ins. Co.., 975 P.2d 1145, 1151-52 (Haw. 1998) (holding that “insured does not have the right to select counsel to represent its interests solely due to an insurer’s reservation of rights”)Sentinel Ins. Co., Ltd. v. First Ins. Co. of Haw., Ltd., 875 P.2d 894, 9130 (Haw. 1994)