about gauntlett & associates

Gauntlett & Associates (Gauntlett Law) specializes in insurance recovery negotiation and litigation in intellectual property, antitrust/unfair competition and business tort claims lawsuits.  

Founded on April 1, 1995, the firm to date has secured judgments and settlements exceeding $200 million dollars on behalf of a range of corporate clients including over 20% of the Fortune 1000 and 10% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Gauntlett Law has suits pending in over 25 jurisdictions, including multiple cases, in such key venues as the Central District and Northern District of California, Southern District of New York, Northern District of Illinois, Southern District of Florida, and the District of Washington and is pursuing certification for cases before the Supreme Courts in Illinois and Florida.

Not only has the firm actively litigated coverage disputes nationally under the law of virtually every jurisdiction and virtually every federal court of appeals (same for the federal circuit), David Gauntlett, himself, has made appearances before the Supreme Courts of California, Texas, West Virginia and Nebraska. 

Besides Gauntlett Law's reliance on the other skilled attorneys in the office, Gauntlett Law maintains an internal proprietary library of over 2,000 IP/antitrust insurance briefs, memoranda, pleadings, discovery tools and other documents, many of which are not of public record which were obtained via the relationships G&A has built over the years.  

This vast library, which is internally indexed in a proprietary reference system, permits ready access to pertinent law so as to efficiently and effectively move forward in coverage disputes and shortcut often unnecessary inquiries into issues which are unlikely to be dispositive in "breaking ground" coverage actions.

There are firms with larger groups of attorneys who address policyholder coverage issues.  None, however, has the focus of a cohesive one-office group of attorneys with the same relevant experience and track record in one key area of coverage law or knowledge of and litigation experience in the relevant underlying tort claims.  Indeed, there is no law firm with a larger group dedicated to these unique coverage opportunities.

The question is not whether Gauntlett Law has sufficient personnel for a significant corporate coverage case, but whether any other law firm has an equivalent, much less a greater pool of knowledge.  Gauntlett Law in fact offers the benefits larger law firms often only purport to possess. 

We believe that is true not only because of the information provided above, but also because of David Gauntlett's  regular research, teaching and writing in this specific area of coverage law which gives him access to and knowledge of coverage law as it is being made throughout the United States.  (See publications here.)  He also regularly speaks on these topics and strategizes with corporate counsel regularly in evaluating coverage opportunities. (See schedule of events here.)

To date Gauntlett Law has:

  • Represented, as coverage consultants/litigators, 10% of the Fortune 500 and 20% of Fortune 1000 in its short history.

  • Obtained an order for Hewlett-Packard for 100% of the attorneys' fees/costs - including time committed by its in-house counsel to direction of the litigation - and prejudgment interest accrued as redress for its litigation expenses in hard-fought antitrust/intellectual property litigation;

  • Drafted a customized patent defense policy for a major European-based corporation through a London broker and European-based insurer

  • Recommended changes in insurance policy forms that permitted the client to secure significant reimbursement for defense fees incurred after the replacement overage was in effect that exceeded the premium expense for these new policies by a factor of ten (10) when new lawsuits were asserted against it after policy inception; and

  • Identified pathways to insurance coverage that the corporate risk manager had not considered even after securing the assistance of outside coverage counsel.

Our extensive experience focuses on insurance coverage for intellectual property and antitrust claims. This dynamic area of insurance coverage law allows us to pioneer new precedents in insurance coverage. Our legal solutions are tailored to specific needs in individual cases. 

Moreover, because our attorneys must fully understand the law of the underlying suits in the IP, antitrust and other business torts, we are able to handle the defense of the appropriate underlying suit.


To counsel policyholders in insurance coverage disputes and provide litigation and consulting services in intellectual property, antitrust, employment and business lawsuits.

To create new law that forwards the business interests of policyholders nationwide by maximizing the benefits available through their insurance policies.

To represent our clients as we would want to be represented, always putting their interests first, diligently working to understand fully and serve their needs to achieve successful resolutions in whichever forum and jurisdiction best advances that client's cause.

To assume major challenges on behalf of our clients and advance their causes courageously consistent with the highest standards of legal excellence and ethics, providing our clients with imaginative and effective representation, recommending creative courses of action which will forward their best interests.

To develop and sustain a productive, high-energy, team-oriented work environment which provides our employees an enjoyable work experience and opportunities to achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment, professional advancement, and recognition and reward for their contributions.

To develop and maintain a business that provides financial stability, security and abundance for all our personnel.

To make a positive impact on our community and the legal profession.